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A railing retrofit is a particularly challenging task.  You've got to get everything right while you're out in the field.  The angle of the stairs has to be correct.  The rise and the run have to be spot on. Offsets in brick nosings and ledges and overhangs of bricks have to be accounted for.  Notice in the pictures on this page how the pickets line up perfectly with the mortar joints in the bricks and notice how the angles of the bottom rails on the steps line up with the angle of the brick. At Alabama Iron Works this is what we do. Our furniture is usually a commissioned piece where we work with the client until we are in agreement on the look  they are seeking.  Our experience allows us to come up with suggestions that lead towards something special that all concerned can be proud.


I loved Jim’s creative input as we went through this process. We went through several ideas before settling on the Claddagh, and he was happy to work with us until we found the perfect symbol. In the beginning, we were actually deciding between a wall hanging or a table. Jim came up with the idea to make the table top detachable and mount a hanging bracket on the back, so it can actually be hung if the couple wants. The craftsmanship was flawless! I highly recommend Jim and his team at Alabama Iron Works. They will listen to your ideas and help improve upon them, and your finished product will be stunning!
— Britt